Product Design and Build Services

Design Research & Development

We provide complete product design, research and development based around your battery and system design requirements that are focused providing clean and effective solutions

Full Product Integration

Product design that is conforming to both your product and product regulatory requirements, from the beginning of product life to end of life solutions.
Integration with your exciting data com systems, remote data com systems, enabling full remote monitoring and control. Along with charging and data remote control and monitoring

Networks Plus

Cloud based wireless network, local area wireless networks and Bluetooth, Full data logging

Our Teams Design & Build Battery Systems for the following markets:

Turn-Key Plug & Play, Modular Battery Assemblies, Large Energy Storage Systems, Energy Management Systems

Golf Kart, In-Plant Vehicle, UTV, Recreational and Motor-sports Vehicles,

Electric Bicycles, Handicap Vehicles, Low Speed Electric Vehicles, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

12v Start and Stop Batteries

24v up to 72v battery turnkey systems w/chargers and large 800 + voltage systems

Camping, RV Recreational Vehicle APU and other

Electric Boat motors

Trolling motor batteries 12v to 48v turnkey systems w/chargers

Electric outboard motors and battery systems

On-board Marine APU systems

Engine start batteries

Cleaning Equipment

All battery powered equipment

Over the Road Tractor Trailer, Refer Trailers

APU systems HVAC no Idle compliance

Freezer system batteries

Engine start batteries

Material handling and Construction Equipment, sales and rental, There are many types of industrial trucks:

Industrial Trucks


Hand trucks

Pallet jacks

Pallet trucks

Walkie stackers

Platform trucks

Order picker


Many types of AGV (Automated guided vehicles)

Other Battery Products and Services / New & Replacement Markets

Cellular communication, energy storage systems

Over the Road Trucking Vehicles

Recreational and Motors-ports Vehicles

Military, Governmental

Police, Fire, Energy Vehicles

Lift Trucks, Boom Trucks and Utility Truck Power Systems

Advanced Smart Battery Systems

Large Mobile & Stationary Battery Storage & Distribution Systems

Electrical Energy Management Systems

Grid Link Energy Storage and Management Systems

Solar Production Systems

Wind Power Systems

Thermal Energy Systems

IT power systems

Emergency Light systems with Solar backup Generation

Mobile Power Generation

Electric Vehicle Battery Systems

Electric Vehicle Products

Electric Vehicle Performance Products, Enhances existing Hybrids

Products for all production Electric Vehicles

High performance after market and parts & products

Replacement, after-market factory batteries

Certification and Training programs for sales and installation

Full Product Education & training with full product support network

Complete Gas to Electric Conversion Systems World Wide

Product Support and update education and training

Dealer authorization programs for licensing the sales & installation

Includes full product education and training with full product support

12.8V 20Ah (3.2V 4-Pack)LFMP20AH LiFeMnPO4 Battery