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Welcome to US Integrated Battery Systems

Manufacturer of advanced intelligent energy storage products.

Integration of intelligent battery technologies that enables a rapid expansion of the existing and future energy storage systems

Our Company

Our goal is to integrate new technologies into the marketplace, creating new green jobs throughout the USA, We believe in our country and its work force, We are dedicated to helping our community, We will be a cleaner, greener world, leading the marketplace in advance intelligent battery technologies, Our  team members, come from the best of the automotive, energy, manufacturing, communications, electronic and electrical industries.


US Integrated Battery Systems is researching, developing and producing energy storage products and engage in the rapid expansion of green technology products. Our goal is to create new Green Jobs here in Central Michigan and throughout our great country. We are reinventing the way we do everything in business, from running it, to delivery products to our customers, with our innovation partners and employees that we highly value and are a very important part of everyday operations. Greed is not a motive for us, long term community growth and prosperity, along with our families, has a greater meaning to our leadership. Most of all we are becoming a Cleaner Greener World and the Leader in Advance Intelligent Battery Technologies benefiting all.

Company leadership
US Integrated Battery Systems leadership is an integration of many diverse team members of the highest skilled and knowledgeable world leaders, with a tactical alliance of intellectual knowledge of infield experience. As our company expands its new products and services, based around our intelligent battery technologies that enables our company to be one of the world leaders in Lithium 
intelligent battery technologies, US Integrated Battery Systems we has the belief that everyone matters to our company and they can contribute to the advancement of our company and its technologies, that we are implementing and developing every day. Our faith in our staff and our innovation partners, creates and working environment like non-other before us. The way we conduct business with full employee involvement, that is a must. Bringing our programs and operational plans to full deployment, enables our team members to go beyond the dreams of others.

Our Team Members come from the best of the Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing, Advanced Science Technology, Electronic and Electrical, Chemical, Large Corporate Management, Industries.


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