Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate APU

Battery Powered APU Manufacturers

Some truck manufacturers offer battery HVAC systems as factory options. Here is a breakdown of what the truck manufacturer’s offer:


Bergstrom Inc.


(866) 204 - 8570

This company manufactures the No - Idle Thermal Environment (NITE) system which provides air conditioning and heat, but uses a battery pack to supply the power (it uses two deep cycle 6V batteries connected in series to provide 12V). The NITE system combines a fully independent air-conditioning system and a compact air-heating system with a smart control system and a self-contained power source. Both are installed under the bunk bed in the sleeper compartment. When fully charged, the batteries provide 10 hours of full operational use. It takes 4 - hours to recharge. Total weight 210 lb (including the two batteries) it does not require major maintenance and installs within 7 - 9 hours. Cost: $3,495


Model: NITE ® Phoenix

Availability is subject to change without notice. Bergstrom reserves the right to change the design or specifications without notice and without any obligation or liability whatsoever. 5/11 rev2 ©2011 PHOE-10


Technical Specifications


Performance                          7,500 BTU/h2.2 kW

Current Draw                          25-65 amps @ 12vdc




Automatic temperature control for optimum comfort

Digital control provides onboard service diagnostics, automatic temperature control and more

CARB Approved (#08-643-004)

Electrified AC unit runs on auxiliary AGM / deep cycle batteries

Unit run time 8-10 hours*

Installs easily under bunk in 8-10 hours

Virtually maintenance free

New evaporator filter for extended coil life

Shore power and hotel load options

Fuel fired heater option


Weights and Dimensions

Overall system weight will vary dependent on installation kit used, battery and battery box options

   Phoenix Unit  Optional Espar Heater
  Optional Webasto Heater
 • Weigh    70 lbs (23.6 kg)  8 lbs (3.6 kg)   5.7 lbs (2.6 kg)
 • Length   22 in (559 mm)  12.2 in (310 mm)  12.3 (311 mm)
 • Depth   17 in (432 mm)  4.5 in (114 mm)  4.8 (122 mm)
 • Height 
 11 in (280 mm)  4.8 in (122 mm)  4.9 (125 mm)

Idle Free Systems, LLC


(920) 210-5467

Idle Free Systems, LLC manufactures the Reefer Link System which connects the truck and trailer together electrically to provide the driver multiple options for power (tuck engine, transportation refrigerator unit, or both). While driving, this Reefer Link System stores the truck's 12 volt battery energy in an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery bank located under the

bunk. When the truck is not moving, the driver has the option of using the stored AGM battery power or the transportation refrigerator unit, if available and upgraded to 120 amps, as a power source. Either the AGM battery or the transportation refrigerator unit supplies power to operate a heating system (e.g., Espar heater) and air conditioning system (e.g., Dometic

Unit) This energy transfer is controlled and regulated using a Xantrex Prosine 2.0 inverter/ charger. This inverter/charger has a built-in battery charger, as well as an automatic shore power transfer switch to utilize electricity. The Xantrex inverter/charger can be used to charge the AGM battery bank, the truck's batteries, and the transportation n refrigerator

unit battery when electricity (shore power) is available. The Reefer Link System weighs 200 lbs. and costs $7995. The entire system consists of the following: 10,000 BTU Dometic Air conditioner; Espar D-5 Hydronic Heater; Xantrex Prosine 2.0

Inverter/Charger; cab power/shore power kit Reefer Link System with reefer alternator upgrade; and bunk mounted display panel with digital LED volt meter.



Kenworth Truck Company


(425) 828-5000

The Kenworth Clean Power® no-idle system is a comprehensive battery-based solution that provides engine off heating and air conditioning, 120 Volt AC power for hotel loads, low power interior lighting, enhanced sleeper insulation and a shore power connection.  The system operates at ambient noise levels with only pumps and fans running during no-idle. While the

truck is driving down the road, a high-powered alternator charges the power pack and the starting batteries. In hot weather, the power pack runs an electric refrigerant compressor in the AC charge unit. This compressor, in turn, charges the storage cooler. This provides the thermal storage capacity for providing air conditioning. The cooler has a thermal capacity of

21,000 BTUs and requires only 4 to 6 hours of charging to provide up to 10 hours of cooling in a 95 degree, low-solar load environment. Conversely, in cold weather electrical loads are once again supported by the power pack and sleeper heat is provided by the diesel-fired heater. The heater is capable of maintaining a comfortable environment down to 20 degrees F. Their system measures (LHW) 38-3/4" x 35" x14" (storage cooler), and weighs 550 lbs (net weight gain). For cost, Kenworth factory installed only), see Kenworth Dealer for pricing.




Dometic LLC

2000 N. Andrews Ave.

Pompano Beach, FL 33069

+1 804.746.1313


Email: truckinfo@dometic.com

The basics

■ CARB exempt

■ EPA and SmartWay certified

■ No federal excise tax

■ Complies with all federal, state and local idling regulations

■ Eligible for grant and loan programs

■ Fully integrated turnkey package includes all components needed for complete installation

■ 7,000 or 10,000 BTU 115V air conditioning system

■ 2,000 Watt Modified Sine Wave (MSW) inverter with optional built-in charger

■ Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries

■ High-capacity alternator to recharge batteries quickly

■ Optional Shorepower connection

■ Built-in low-voltage cutoff circuit to ensure sufficient battery power to restart engine

■ Thoroughly field tested for the toughest over-the-road conditions

■ Backed by nationwide service and support network



Dometic builds the industries most rugged and reliable battery-based engine-off air conditioning solutions for trucks. Our systems are designed, engineered and tested to give you years of trouble-free performance under the toughest over-the- road conditions. They are based on more than 50 years of experience in designing, engineering, building and supporting HVAC systems for harsh environments, and they’re backed by extensive technical assistance and nationwide service. Our green systems are the best answer to today’s environmental challenges. There is no diesel generator, no fuel consumed, no exhaust fumes to pollute the air, no oil to change, no noise, no vibration, no belts to tighten, and no worries about law- enforcement violations and fines. They are 100% CARB compliant, and they meet all federal, state and local clean-air laws. In addition, you don’t need to worry about warranty issues with the truck’s manufacturer, since our battery-based solutions do not break into the truck’s fuel or cooling systems. Our 7,000 and 10,000 BTU/hr sleeper systems provide ample cooling to keep you comfortable while meeting the federal hours of service (HOS) requirements, operating for 10-14 hours without recharging the batteries under normal duty-cycle conditions. The high-capacity alternator recharges the batteries in 5.5–6 hours while driving down the road. Our 7,000 BTU/hr day-cab systems are designed to meet the usage patterns for day- route and terminal-to-terminal operations. In this booklet, we’ll explain how to select and specify the system that meets your needs, and provide a few tips on how to get the best results when operating the system. If you have any questions, please give us a call at +1-804-746-1313 or email us at sales@dometictruck.com. 3 A belt-driven compressor on the truck’s engine supplies air conditioning when you are driving or idling. When you shut down the engine, however, you need a separate air conditioning system that runs on an alternative source of power. Dometic has developed an engine-off comfort-control solution that pulls 12V DC power from a bank of heavy-duty batteries and inverts it to 115V AC power, which drives the electric powered air conditioner. The batteries are recharged by a high-capacity alternator. When 115V AC Shorepower is available, it can also be used to drive the air conditioner. When looking at battery-based air conditioning, you should think of it as an engineered, integrated system comprised of several components which have been carefully chosen and tested to ensure reliable performance.


Air Conditioning Units

There are two basic choices: split systems and self-contained “package” units. In most cases, the split system is preferred, since it uses less interior space and offers more installation flexibility. We will focus on the split system. However, if you are interested in a “package” unit solution, please contact our sales office at +1-804-746-1313 or visit our website at www.dometic.com/truck. Dometic’s patented split-system design consists of an outside condensing unit and an inside evaporator/compressor unit. The outside unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the back of the cab, but may also be mounted horizontally on the undercarriage. The inside unit is usually mounted under the bunk or in a side storage locker for a sleeper, or between the seats in a day cab. The two units are connected by reusable pre-charged refrigerant line sets with quick-connect fittings. The system is designed so that both units automatically charge to the correct refrigerant pressure as soon as the line sets are connected. No special tools are required. The air conditioning system also includes ducts, grills, condensate drain and electrical wiring, as well as a digital display/control panel. The air conditioning systems can be ordered for cooling only with built-in electric heat elements. Note that the Dometic system is not a “bunk cooler” that blows cool air on the driver, but a true compressor-driven air conditioning system that provides ample cooling capacity for the entire space. Outside condensing unit mounted on back of cab inside evaporator unit seen from the side compartment the basics



Dometic systems use absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries, which can be deeply discharged and rapidly recharged without damaging the batteries. They are capable of up to 500 discharge-recharge cycles. The number of batteries will depend on the capacity of the air conditioner, size of the space to be cooled and user profile of the truck. Dometic offers a range of choices in external battery boxes that can be mounted on one of the side rails or between the rails behind the cab. Replacement AGM batteries are readily available through battery distributors across North America.



Dometic specifies a 2,000 Watt inverter with a Modified Sine Wave (MSW) output designed for extended periods of operation. This high-performance inverter is designed to handle the extra load requirements of the air conditioner as well as house loads. It also protects the unit from electric spikes that can occur when the compressor cycles on and off. The inverter can also be ordered with an optional built-in charger. Most importantly, the inverter has a low-voltage cutout that automatically turns off 115V AC power whenever the batteries drop below a preset voltage. This ensures you will always have sufficient battery power to restart the truck. The inverter is approximately the same size as a Group 31 battery and is normally mounted inside the battery box.



Dometic’s system uses a high-capacity 270 or 300+ amp alternator to recharge the batteries when the engine is running. This alternator replaces the standard alternator on the engine. High capacity is required in order to recharge the batteries in a reasonable period of time, 5.5–6 hours. In day-cab applications, recharge must take place within typical point-to-point runs.



The Dometic system may be ordered with an optional Shorepower connection, allowing you to run the air conditioner on an external 115V power source when available. If the optional combination inverter/charger unit is installed, you can also recharge the batteries when plugged into Shorepower. TMC recommends a minimum of one 20 amp circuit for Shorepower connections. You should use a heavy- duty cord with a minimum of 12-gauge wire (50 ft.). Remember there will be a voltage drop across the cord, so use the minimum length necessary to reach your outside power source



Dometic’s engine-off air conditioning systems for sleepers are designed to keep the entire sleeper cooled for a minimum of 10 hours to meet the HOS requirements. System capacity depends on a number of factors, such as the size and shape of the space to be cooled, the amount of insulation, the size and location of windows, the color of the truck and the ambient temperature outside. Dometic offers 7,000 and 10,000 BTU/hr systems.


The number of batteries needed to depend on the capacity of the air conditioner and the length of time you will need to run the air conditioner between recharges. The table below offers general guidelines. Note that the air conditioner normally will not run continuously, but will cycle on and off as needed to maintain the selected set point. The 60% duty cycle in the table means that the air conditioner runs 60% of the time, and is off 40% of the time. Typically, sleeper systems are specified with 7 to 8 batteries. Day-cab systems will operate to spec with 3 batteries. If you are specifying optional built-in electric heat, use the following table to size the electric heat modules. Electric heat uses a tremendous amount of power. Each KW of heat requires about 8.2 amps of alternating current. When using electric heat, Dometic systems will only get approximately 50-60% of the run time compared to the cooling cycle. Dometic offers a selection of prewired battery boxes that will save time and money on installation. The box can be mounted on either side rail, or between the rails behind the sleeper. To calculate your return on investment for a Dometic engine-off sleeper air conditioning system, refer to the following table:



72" High Rise




8 Group 31 AGM

Replace existing 4 lead sulfuric acid batteries with AGM batteries and add 4 more AGM batteries. Check on Dometics selection of prewired battery boxes to save time and money on installation.


320 amp high output

Replace existing alternator on truck engine.



2,000 Watt Modified Sine Wave (MSW)

Specify optional inverter/charger combination for charging batteries from Shorepower.


HVAC System


10,000 BTU/hr

It includes ducts, grills, electric wiring and digital control/ display panel.

48"– 60" Sleeper




7– 8 Group 31 AGM

Replace existing 4 lead sulfuric acid batteries with AGM batteries and add 34 more AGM batteries. Check on Dometics selection of prewired battery boxes to save time and money on installation.


320 amp high output

Replace existing alternator on truck engine.



2,000 Watt Modified Sine Wave (MSW)

Specify optional inverter/charger combination for charging batteries from Shorepower.


HVAC System


7,000 BTU/hr

It includes ducts, grills, electric wiring and digital control/ display panel.


Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate batteries,

“Idle-time Power that Goes the Distance”

Long-haul truckers, who need a source of power during mandated rest periods, rely on auxiliary power units (APUs) to power the hotel comforts of their cabs. Although lead sulfuric acid batteries and diesel generators currently power most APUs, manufacturers have been turning to lithium batteries like to decrease system weight, increase operating time, reduce maintenance, and lower fuel cost. NO Sulfuric Acid Corrosion

Lithium battery powered APU offers: