Material Handling Batteries

US Integrated Battery Systems is proud to announce that we have developed and are shipping Our Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate Material Handling Batteries.

Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate Batteries has been actually rendered the most reliable source of stored energy and has been tried and tested by various companies and manufacturers.


Replace your lead sulfuric acid batteries with our Clean Plug & Play then Walk Away Lithium Batteries and get more duty cycle life, more millage between charging and no more corrosive sulfuric acid mess with zero battery maintenance.



Tired of the same old problem of sulfuric acid battery corrosion.



Having to replace corroded electrical and electronic parts over, over again.


Filling batteries with water all the time just to have them freeze in the winter months every year.



Replace your batteries with our zero maintenance free Plug’n Play Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate Batteries. Our Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate Batteries will cut in half your charge time & double your run time. Our batteries are backed by a 1 year Limited warranty with option of purchase 8 years limited warranty

Our ZERO Maintenance Lithium Battery Solution offers the following Benefits:
• These lithium-ion powered forklift trucks run longer on less energy and lower cost
• Enables Opportunity, Rapid & Fast Charging,
• Revolutionizing the way your electric lift truck fleets are managed
• Elimination of valuable warehouse space and personnel  that is no longer needed
• No need for a dedicated battery room and spare battery storage area’s
• Lithium-ion fork-lift batteries range from walk behind to mega size
• For multi-shift and heavy-duty factory and warehouse applications
• Our lithium-ion powered forklift batteries run longer on less energy and lower cost
• Takes less time and energy to charge
• Extreme low self-discharge of battery lees then 1.3 % monthly
• ZERO need for a battery charging room or extra batteries
• ZERO time needed to exchange the discharged battery & reload with a charged battery.
• ZERO CO₂ emission
• ZERO down time
• ZERO maintenance of batteries
• ZERO corrosion of electronics
• ZERO Sulfuric Acid
• ZERO hazardous materials to deal with
• ZERO lead poisoning events
• ZERO Hydrogen Gas Battery fires

12V thru 96V package specifications:


12V thru 96V up to 500V Any Amp Hour System requires Turn-key Systems System Overview:


Package contains:

Li-ion cells

Energy Management System

Matching charger.

1 year limited warranty included with package purchase an 8 year extended limited warranty is available to purchase

Custom made cases are available to purchase

Energy Management System

Daisy chain connection of sample boards. Easy and simple connection.

Cell balancing feature built in.

Measures and controls individual cell voltages and temperatures, total pack current and total pack voltage.

Prevents individual cells from conditions of over-charging, over-discharging, over-temp and excessive current draw.

Screen display for SOC, pack voltage and current, and alarm messages.

Interfaces with charger and controls charging process.

Ground fault detection.

Optional CANBUS or MODBUS communication.


Optional Parts (Sold Separately):


CANBUS communication option, EMS-CAN ; or

MODBUS communication option, EMS-MOD ;

3-ft sense board string extension cable, EMS-CBL-EX2B ;

10-ft sense board string extension cable, EMS-CBL-EX3B


From small walk-behind to mega lift


5 amp to 2.5 kw Chargers


Sealed EMS
Energy Management System


LCD Monitor Screen


Optional wireless touchpad android device & software for EMS

Information Download Lift Truck Pdf