20 HP


Electric Outboards

5HP up to 20HP

48v to 72v

Highly Efficient at 90%

Water Cooling

NO Mix Oils, Fuel Fumes, Totally Odor Free

Run Cool & Quiet

Green & Clean


Electric Boat Outboard Kits---4HP up to 20HP

Convert your gasoline powered boat into electric drive easily!
Clean, Quiet, Powerful, Efficient Marine Drive Systems
Key Components for Electric Outboard and Inboard Applications
10KW Brush-less Motor -- Drive you motorboat up to 15mph

EPO-20HP - 20HP Electric Propulsion Outboards  Unit Price: $4580.00

Shaft Option: Long Shaft
HP Option:20HP
BLDC Motor Controller::HPC300H/500H/700H 48V/72V/96V/120V Available
BLDC Motor:15kw motor
Efficiency: over 90%
Long Life:20000h

A growing number of boat owners favors’ electric propulsion to power their day boats, yachts, and cruisers. Electric motors are quiet, clean, reliable and economical to run. Electric propulsion makes for a very pleasant trip thanks to the absence of noise, fumes or vibrations, and the bilge stays nice and clean with no oil or grease fouling the timber. Batteries offer the option of recharging with renewable energy (solar and wind) making a boat potentially energy independent. With only few moving parts there is little that can wear out or break down, making electric motors a reliable option and virtually maintenance free. 

Convert your gasoline powered outboards, inboards into electric drive easily! Clean, Quiet, Powerful, Efficient Marine Drive Systems

With Golden Motor's leading BLDC motor and controller technology, you could convert your used outboards into electric propulsion, by simply replacing old or even broken gasoline engine with our compact designed, light weight electric drive kit quick and easy!

  Electric Outboard Conversion Kits:

1. 5KW/10KW BLDC MOTOR Liquid cooling system.
    48V/72V/96V/120V Available!
2. BLDC CONTROLLER Liquid cooling system.
    HPC300H/500H/700H 48V/72V/96V/120V Available!
3. Outboards with options of short/long shaft
    Efficiency over 90%! Long life over 20000h!
4. HP options: 6HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP 50 HP Available!



NETGAIN MOTORS LINK:http://www.go-ev.com/

WarP 9 Motor

Our WarP 9 motor is similar to the ADC 9" motor, but with numerous improvements. It is a 9.25" diameter, series wound DC motor with a double ended shaftOf the most notable changes, we have a larger com and utilize the large style brushes. Beginning with motors being manufactured in July, 2010 numerous enhacements are being added to our entire line of motors, some of which include:

  • • 1/2”-13 diameter terminal studs: Increased from 3/8” diameter - bigger is better!
  • New brush composition: Handles higher voltages and currents – improves motor efficiency
  • New brush design: “split brush with pad” design handles higher voltages and currents – improves motor efficiency
  • Increased spring pressure: Spring pressure has been increased to allow improved commutation (note: This does NOT increase brush-commutator wear as might be suspected)! Higher spring pressures allow for increased commutation – which improves commutator wear over “bouncing brushes”.
  • Addition of optical RPM sensor hole: A 1/2”-20 hole is drilled and tapped into the DE for easy insertion and use of an RPM sensor. (further information will be provided on appropriate sensors and gauges (RPM, temperature) in the near future.)
  • Addition of temperature thermistor: This will allow the motor temperature to be be monitored.
  • Removal of brush wear indicators: To the best of our knowledge, no one ever used this feature. As armature voltage was used for signaling it was difficult to adapt and use.
  • Improved fan: Increased air flow will allow the motors to run cooler and more efficiently. The 15- blade fan is a new casting that will make using the RPM sensor easier as well.
  • Drive End mounting holes changed from “blind holes” to thru holes. If the wrong length bolts were used it could damage the DE head. Care must still be exercised to ensure that the mounting bolts do not hit the fan blades!
  • Temperature snap switch and thermistor plug will use the same black plug that was previously used for the brush wear indicators and accepts 1/4”, flat spade connectors, but it will now be counterbored.

  • All of the above changes are being phased into production across ALL motors


    The com bars are more securely attached to the arbor, so they will be less likely to lift. The drive shaft is bored for a pilot bearing and drilled & tapped for a 5/16 - 18 bolt. The tail shaft also has a 1/4 - 20 bolt hole to mount tach sensors or secure couplers and accessories. Again, we have duplicated the ADC 9" mounting bolt pattern allowing clients to use preexisting mounting adapters. Class "H" insulation is used throughout the motor. The drive shaft and tail shaft have standard keyways cut into them. This motor is also available at a better price point to end users.

    Netgain Motors  Electric In/Outboard / Plus Conversion  Kits:


    Our Battery Systems are designed as Turn-Key / Plug & Play & Walk Away Systems from 12 volts to 500 volts any amp hour.


    Lithium Chargers from 5 Amp to 5 Kw Amps