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June 13, 2015

(2)Two New Advanced Race Tracks w/ Educational Centers for Michigan

Battle Creek, MI, June 13, 2015– International Electric Motor Sports Association IEMSA is excited to announce that we have decided to explore the opportunity to build (2) Two New Electric Motor Sports Speedways and Off Road Courses with Scenic Trails, RV and Over Night Camping, Educational Centers, Motor Sports Retail, On-Site Testing and Manufacturing Space, These Speedways will employ many year round jobs and create an environment to promote, the advancement of EV technologies  & Create an friendly environment for Friends, Family and professional competitive motor sports racing, at the grass roots level and up, Electric Racing Vehicles cost a fraction of the money to accomplish the same or better performance levels than (ICE) Internal Combustion Engine Racing, the (ICE) vehicles will soon be going the way of the horse and buggies did when the model T by Ford Motor Company was introduced on October 1, 1908, as in the pass when the Model T was introduced, the new electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are going to replace this out dated technology faster than you will believe, as you will see, these are not your mothers golf carts. There is a list of EV vehicles and many new technology sponsors that have never had an opportunity to sponsor racing before that we can share with you, that have indicated that they would consider the opportunity to sponsor and promote EV Racing.

Mr. Sterrett the CEO of USIBS and Director of the International Electric Motor Sports Association "State’s with NASCAR’s Attendance Falling Across the Board, it’s time to embrace these game changing technologies & move to the future of competitive motor sports racing, transportation and energy, it’s time for change and more grassroots participation and at all other levels from family to the pro’s, people that want to be the race car driver not the one to be watching, in the old days everyone could afford to build a fast car or want a vehicle they could put together on the weekends, just look at the high performance ICE or the lack of hot rod shops that have gone under, the only one I know of that is still selling parts is Johnson Speed Shop, Lansing, Michigan. Electric vehicle racing brings back the heart of all racing “ Everyone can Play and Afford a vehicle” and these people are the ones that will improve these breakthrough technologies, what we learn at the track will be integrated into everyday life as in the past with all motorsports. Sometimes we just need to do it. Going beyond what the Naysayer’s say and wish, beyond the artificial barriers that some would like to place in front of these technologies. But as in the past they all have been proven wrong as we advance in to our future.

We have many Innovation Partners ready to move forward. “Electric Vehicles bring a New Excitement back to Racing, they are faster easy to build and more affordable”

If you would like more information about this topic, please email us at IEMSA@usintegratedbatterysystems.com

International Electric Motor Sports Association (IEMSA)

Is pleased to announce that our new web-site will be up and running soon, along with our membership drive, stay informed by contacting us by going to http://www.usintegratedbatterysystems.com/IEMSA.htmlor Contact US @ IEMSA@usintegratedbatterysystems.com or ph. 517-507-9451


International Electric Motor Sports Association IEMSA was formed in 2009 when our founder David Sterrett. Through the careful studying of the Lithium Battery and Energy and Competitive Motorsports markets, we have realized that the only real way to promote Electric Vehicles and Lithium Battery Technologies would have to come from the performance side of vehicle racing technologies, “People Pay Attention to Who is Winning and with what Technology & Vehicles” There is an old saying” if you win on Sunday, you sell parts on Monday” and what better way to show all the EV technology Naysayer’s that these vehicles are not your mother’s golf cart or go-carts. These technologies are High performance game changing, faster than any Internal Combustion Engines could ever go with more Horsepower, more Toque, and more RPMs, at a fraction of the weight and COST.


Our mission is to move future electric vehicle and energy technologies forward by demonstrating them in a competitive environment. Create affordable competitive racing solutions for friends, family and the professional driver to enjoy and learn and experience the excitement of electric vehicles and racing, discover and help advance EV products that the (ICE) Internal Combustion Engine cannot accomplish, without huge amounts of money spent over and over again on repairs and updating the engines, Electric Vehicle technology has proven to out preform all (ICE) technologies. Greed is not a motive for us, long term community growth and prosperity, along with our families, our country and the world and to creating jobs, has a greater meaning to our Leadership and Members. Most of all we are becoming a Cleaner Greener World and the Leader in Advance Electric Vehicle and Energy Technologies that is benefiting all. WE will accomplish our goals and mission by integrating and developing, educational program with the K through 12 schooling, corporate, mentoring, marketing, new product incubator, and local community, regional and national programs at the grassroots to professional levels. Develop and promote many sponsorship programs and events, along with our programs we will be promoting renewable technology related trade shows that will travel with the racing series, around the world. Develop the new and game changing Motorsports resort parks throughout the world. Sponsor many events at many levels. Be totally self-sustainable through our membership and sponsors programs.


IEMSA leadership is an integration of many diverse industries of the highest skilled and knowledgeable world technology leaders, with a tactical alliance of intellectual knowledge, and in field experience. As the International Electric Motor Sports Association IEMSA expands, based on Electric Vehicle racing and Energy technologies, that is enabling our members to become a part and lead in these disruptive, game changing, breakthrough racing technologies. The International Electric Motor Sports Association IEMSA has the belief that everyone matters to our Association and they all can contribute to the advancement of the International Electric Motor Sports Association IEMSA and these technologies that we are implementing and developing every day. Our faith in our member’s, staff and our innovation partners, has created an environment like non-other before us. The way we conduct business with the full membership, staff and our innovation partners involvement, is a must to bring our programs and operational plans to full deployment that enables our members, staff and our innovation partners to go beyond the dreams of others.


Our Leadership Team & Members come from the best of the Racing, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing, Advanced Science Technologies, Electronic and Electrical, Chemical, Corporate Management, Industries Competitive Racing, Vehicle Development and everyday life. Everyone is welcome and can be a part of the International Electric Motor Sports Association IEMSA.  The International Electric Motor Sports Association IEMSA has an opportunity for everyone to participate at many levels, Come join us and become a part of the Future.


Contact US @ = IEMSA@usintegratedbatterysystems.com or ph. 517-507-9451